Why The Competition Is Eating Your Lunch

So, what's the best way to close sales?

Everyone seems to look for the silver bullet, the short cut, the easy way. Being a sales coach, I have seen every extreme of talent, technique and methods when talking to professional sales people.

By way to illustration, a commercial printer rep was the classic “show up to throw up” sales person. His sales strategy incorporated coming to my office with literally boxes full of his best work. He then proceeded, till I cut him off twenty minutes later on to ask him to tell me why his print shop was the best and how he was the most reasonable price in the town.

The thing is… he never basically asked me what I required or what problem I had. Of course, he did not get the sale.

Amish baling Hay

This sounds like an extraordinary example, but sadly, its rather common-place. Sales is a unclean word to the majority of people. Why? Well let’s accept it—there are a large amount of bad sales folk out there. They come and gab your ear off about why they’re the most practical solution without taking a single moment to determine your requirement—if any.

Do not squander your resources on prospects who do not have a requirement for your solution or who’ve got a need your service or product can’t fill.

Learn how to accept the simple fact you can not help everybody. You can save your self time, energy and the disappointment of not closing the sale, you would not have closed regardless of how many sales closing techniques you use.

Small wonder the most compelling reasons I find that sales pros don’t close the sale are price and not understanding the worth they needed to offer.

So, what’s the best way to close sales?

So why ask questions? When it comes sales methods, the nicest thing you can do is to keep the prospect speaking. Why? It gives you additional information to work with. The more that you know, the more probable you’ll be capable of finding an issue and building a real requirement. It takes the pressure off you!

Sales is hard enough.

Put the prospect on the spot. They let you in for a sound reason. Learn why.

Studying how to actively listen is another foundational sales strategy. I typically see sales people who cut off the prospect because they heard a trigger word. Then the sales person jumps down their throat enlightening them why their product will provide answers to their need.

Stop and listen.

All you’ve got to do is ask the prospect how he feels about the product. Closing sales starts before you walk in the door. You can learn each closing sales trick in the book, but every one will be better if you have taken a little time to qualify and present correctly. If you reach the end of the sales process and find that closing the sale is hard, you did something wrong earlier in the sales process.

The best sales closing method I’ve found is to qualify and present correctly. Utilizing the word “when” rather than “if” and “your” rather than “my” will help the prospect take ownership.

In the full sales process you must presume that the prospect will purchase. By spending quality time finding the prospects problem, the one which keeps them up at night and presenting your service or product as the solution, closing should occur naturally.  The usage of an assumptive close in the process of gathering info and presenting advantages of your product is great closing system if used correctly.

When you do this properly, the close is very easy. If you’re selling a new piece of whatever to a business owner you can promptly say to him, “As a successful and leading edge entrepreneur, you will get the best from this product that immediately lets you get one jump ahead of the competition.”