Do You Get Better Results By Leading Or Managing?

Far too many people think they are the same. Don't get caught up in that belief.

If you’re hoping to find the key for establishing better leadership skills then this article is going to be a great asset for you. Most of the time people think managing and leading are pretty much the same thing. They often interchange the terms managing and leading. You’ll find that you have to be a leader to be a good manager, but the opposite is not true. Leading is a skill and needs to be a component of management, but it can stand on its own.

Think being a leader and being a manager are exactly the same?

Leader or Manager

Frankly many people don’t even think about such a question. Many many people really can get their arms around the idea they are different concepts. It’s not actually leadership vs management styles we are discussing.

Particularly in a business environment, people think of their managers as the leaders. Most people working for a boss will tend to think of the boss as their leader. Turns out, that’s probably a true fact for any group of managed individuals.

Leaders are often the ones promoted into managers. Also true high-performing individuals are the ones getting promotions into management jobs. However, the best performing front-line workers are not always the best choice.

Is it a requirement to be a leader in order to be a manager?

Well certainly the lack of leadership skills will at some point lead to a failed management position. Just as the absence of a hammer will be a great problem for a carpenter, the absence of leadership ability will be the demise of the manager.

You’ll find this pointed out dramatically if there is a problem or issue that comes up in a department or on a project. Everyone will automatically look towards the boss for guidance and leadership. If the manager has poorly developed leading skills, you’ll find the probability of success of solving a problem go way down. People expect managers to make tough leadership oriented decisions.

The individual employees are more focused on doing their day to day activities.

Most of the time people are looking to be led. Left on their own they will naturally gravitate towards the best leader. It’s generally known that the security of having somebody in charge is comforting. These attitudes cause people to seek out and look towards someone in authority.

Leadership vs. Management—which is better?

Although people don’t necessarily dwell on that question it is a good one to ask. In a word, yes. You want to have more leaders than managers in every environment. This means every company, every team and every project. Think back to the example I gave above where the manager was weak in leadership skills and failed to make the appropriate decisions and the crisis was not averted. As we know now, the extra leaders are valuable assets.

We have explored leadership from several different aspects and have reached the conclusion leadership is one of the vital essentials of management. We know that leading and managing are different. Leading skills are vital components of good managers. Probably, you’d want to have about 3 leaders for every one manager.

If you own a business or run a team or department you want to have a culture which grows managers out of a good leaders. But, you also want to have in abundance of leaders who are not in management. Transactional leadership is a great example of what we mean.

As it turns out good leaders know when it’s the right time to step up. You won’t have to worry about having too many leaders. Leadership vs management is not a contest.