How To Avoid Being A Lousy Business Owner

The three things any top-tier CEO absolutely must do

The rule of thumb is the higher up in the organization, the higher the compensation. That’s all well and good for most positions because you generally do what you have always been doing, but better. However, things get a little less clear at the very top. So, what exactly should you be doing if you are the CEO?


What the heck is a CEO?

Before I continue, I want to make a key point. Most business owners don’t think of themselves as the CEO. It sounds a great deal more corporate than they feel. They, and everyone else in their business agree, merely think of themselves as the founder, the owner, the boss, or simply the “chief”.

Actually, that is the way I think of myself. So, as your read the concepts below, think to yourself, “this is what I should be doing as the head of my company.”

How To Beg, Borrow Or Steal

Don't worry about not having the resources you need on hand. There are creative ways to get them.

Don’t let a statement like, “We can’t do that because we don’t have sufficient resources” hold you back.

Homemade Checkers

That’s simply an arbitrary constraint you do not need to put on yourself. Leave that kind of thinking to all the other business owners, managers and leaders. It is backward thinking and simply not done by the great leaders you are emulating.

Here’s the point:

Decide on your objectives first and then get the resources required.

Never, never slow down the progress of your company, department or project simply because you do not have the resources in hand. It is vitally important for you to internalize the key points:

Keys To Create A Flawless Business System

Don't need a business system? Think again.

When you run an enterprise that has round the clock staffing you can frequently finish up with shift hours discrepancies and labor costs that are sky high as a consequence. The value of a business system or process is not doubted by the elite and should be embraced by you.

In a large labor intensive company, costs of this nature simply mount up and produce pointless overtime costs. If you do not watch out for this, it can shortly get beyond control. That is the reason why time and attendance systems are an employer’s best friend. Properly used, they help monitor labor costs immediately and in perfect real time with up to date worker information.

Thus, what had previously been tough to track and keep a lid on of is now relatively easy and straightforward. Also methods of this nature have  built-in editing function which helps stop pricey screw ups and nonessential overtime costs.

Big businesses like this all use some kind of monitoring system.

But, how about the rest of us? Do we value a business system?

Old Way or New Way

Most businesses use the internet for their email, website and advertising. However, the uses of the web are limitless and many companies are seeing the benefits.

Let’s examine a business system example for customer service and marketing—the use of auto-responders.

Anyone Can Take The Helm In A Calm Sea – Dealing With A Crisis

Major turmoil brings out the worst in people and shines a spotlight on their true character.

Most countries are not booming and many of them are in a crisis, including the US. There will be many noisy meetings as government officials all over the world gnash their teeth and snarl about the economic mess in their country. And, many businesses are in crisis mode as well. The question is, what can you as a business owner do about it?

The Captain Better Know What He’s Doing

As I mention in the articles’ title, anyone can take the helm in a calm sea.

While that’s not entirely true, it is certainly much easier to lead when it is “business as usual”. That passiveness has its own issues, but that’s a topic for another day.

Few do well in the face of a crisis.

Major turmoil brings out the worst in people and shines a spotlight on their true character. You’ve seen it—typically massive random activity, frustration and worse.

Are You Ignoring How Your Customer Service Can Double Revenue?

Have everyone in your organization represent your company like an owner

Most companies leave sales to the sales force and customer service to the customer service team. That is a recipe for a expensive screw up.

Everybody in your organization makes direct customer contact. Each worker, from the president and other officials to craftsmen, sales folk, accounting staff, and service crews.

Each single contact anyone in your organization has with its customers either reinforces or corrodes the organization’s entire relationship with your customers. That includes each invoice you send, each ad you run, and each telephone call you make or receive.

How well are you coaching all of your staff to cultivate your clients all of the time?

How to Manifest a Miracle with Goal Setting

Setting and achieving goal after goal

If you’re looking for miracles to happen in your life, you’ll need to get your intensions squared away and set high quality goals first. Next, take action that will get you closer to them.

Bruce Lee Quote

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Many people are uncertain about what a really good goal is. Most often they tend to confuse wishes with goals. Many people are content to simply make a wish or two and then sit back and hope that things work out. According to Webster’s dictionary a goal is defined as, “a result towards which effort is directed” while a wish is something that’s “wanted, desired and longed for.”

If all you’re looking for are definitions, you’ve gotten what you are looking for.

Law Of Attraction Secrets You Wish You Knew One Year Ago

You get real results from real action not from only wishing for it

I believe in dreaming. It is a very valuable thing to do. In fact, I also believe in manifesting what you want. But, alas, there are some shortcomings with only doing this.

Whatever the mind can concieve and believe, it can achieve

All results come from action.

Dreaming and manifesting alone will not do it. The Law of Attraction without Action will not produce the result you want.

I know, it’s disappointing, but it is true.

Do You Make These Mistakes In Your Leadership Training?

Leadership Training: Better Than An MBA?

If you plan on increasing the top line and the bottom line of your business then you’ll want to invest in training your leaders. Business owners currently have several alternatives available in the area of management training.

Woman Waiting For Train

Many universities offer evening executive MBA programs; provided you have excellent current managers you can utilize on the job training; and, several seminars and workshops are available in most major cities.

Recently, a reasonable number of high-quality online “universities” have been developed to deliver leadership training and management training.

There is a clear relationship between the best businesses in an industry and the ones that have the best managers and leaders employed.

How To Create Dynamic Growth For The Long Haul

Bill Prater Interview on July 22, 2017

Bill Prater, business owner, entrepreneur, publisher, author, speaker, consultant, and coach. He is best known for long-term success enabling business owners and leaders to quickly eliminate personal barriers, rapidly reach their current dreams, and to embark on a journey of business mastery.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How to be a leader by being the Chief Dreamer
  • Bill’s path from technology at IBM, to finance, and finally to top-flight business consulting
  • The #1 thing all business schools do not teach their students
  • How hundreds of businesses have benefitted from Bill’s knowledge and strategies
  • The 3 things that separate the best from the rest in the business world
  • How to navigate the 7 phases of dynamic growth
  • What every elite company shares
  • Why you need to dream outrageously to lead charismatically
  • One simple daily practice to achieve your vision and live your mission


Leading From The Front And Staying Safe

Learning Leadership by Playing Games

By all accounts leadership is a skill which can be learned by nearly anyone with the right aptitude. We certainly have demonstrated that to be true with in our various coaching and mentoring activities and our management training programs.

It’s also true that no one can be a highly effective manager unless they have finely honed leadership skills. However, the opposite is actually not true. One can be in extremely fine leader with no management responsibility at all. And, your business will be likely performing at a higher level if the number of leaders exceeds the number of managers.

We also believe it’s very important for leaders to be able to think prior to acting. In general, a leader is expected to understand the entire situation in order to be in a position of leading others. No one will follow a leader that does not know the terrain for very long.

Why I am in favor of leadership games.

For that reason we’re in favor of the concepts like day dreaming, meditation, regular breaks and relaxation. Gameplaying, including the online or electronic variety, can be very therapeutic and frequently helps in developing leaders.