Keys To Create A Flawless Business System

Don't need a business system? Think again.

When you run an enterprise that has round the clock staffing you can frequently finish up with shift hours discrepancies and labor costs that are sky high as a consequence. The value of a business system or process is not doubted by the elite and should be embraced by you.

In a large labor intensive company, costs of this nature simply mount up and produce pointless overtime costs. If you do not watch out for this, it can shortly get beyond control. That is the reason why time and attendance systems are an employer’s best friend. Properly used, they help monitor labor costs immediately and in perfect real time with up to date worker information.

Thus, what had previously been tough to track and keep a lid on of is now relatively easy and straightforward. Also methods of this nature have  built-in editing function which helps stop pricey screw ups and nonessential overtime costs.

Big businesses like this all use some kind of monitoring system.

But, how about the rest of us? Do we value a business system?

Old Way or New Way

Most businesses use the internet for their email, website and advertising. However, the uses of the web are limitless and many companies are seeing the benefits.

Let’s examine a business system example for customer service and marketing—the use of auto-responders.

Just like the way an assistant works, an auto-responder can attend to all customer service matters. However, the difference is that the auto-responder can look after customer matters all of the time. For instance, let’s say you happen to have a product that you put on sale. If you design an auto-responder sequence to quickly produce an order form and a download page (assuming a digital product) right after an order is executed, you’ll be have a consistent repeatable and accurate process.

But, sometimes intervention is needed.

I would like you to imagine a customer getting to your internet site and placing an order for a product.

As expected, she receives the order form and the download page, but the download page states that a PDF is needed to read the ebook user manual. The purchaser will send you an email instantly if she doesn’t understand what a PDF means and needs help.

What if you’ve taken a break when this happens?

The purchaser would possibly not be keen on waiting for your return. Whatever the reason for your absence, she could be upset and may demand a rebate if the problem isn’t solved immediately.

You can stop this from going down by utilizing the flexibility of an auto-responder. If at the end of the ebook download page, you add an auto-responder sequence that anticipates these likely issues, then the customer can simply report the incidence through e-mail and get an automatic reply on the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

If a situation turns up, where there’s no reply to her inquiries on the FAQs, she may e-mail customer support.

In this case, an auto-responder informs him she’ll get a reply in 24-48 hours, there’s a chance that she’s going to hold on until the time you’ll be available.

By having a valuable business system like this in place in your company has numerous benefits not only in money, but in time and flexibility. Hence, helping you to supply the best service to your customers and at last win more contracts as a consequence.

The best part of the illustration is the combination of consistency and flexibility a well designed business system can offer.

Of course, this is just a single example of how a business system might work and assist you in handling routine customer service issues on a 24/7 basis.

Analyze your business and look for things you are repeating multiple times. It is quite likely a well-designed business system can handle it as well or better than with the “human touch”.