Is A Position Description The Same As A Job Description Or Not?

Everyone needs to know exactly what is expected of them.

Position descriptions and job descriptions are slightly different. Let me explain. A position description reflects the duties, goals, compensation, reporting structure, and other matters relating to a specific position. There is no person connected with a position description.


A job description relates to the duties performed by an individual person. Think about this way. Many of us have small businesses. When you are running a lean and mean organization many people are expected to hold down one, two or even more positions.

So a job description for let’s say Sarah might include the duties as a receptionist and as a file clerk. You are better advised to evaluate service performance as both a receptionist and as a file clerk Van to create a unique position description for her.

Position descriptions and the related organization charts are excellent hiring and development tools. The best advice for every business owner is to develop solid position descriptions for every box on the organization chart. In fact, most companies should have organization charged for now, a year from now and 10 years from now. Provided that the organization is a growing one and the subsequent organization charts will have positions on it which are not yet being filled. That’s because they don’t exist.

However, these future position descriptions have great value. Let’s say for example you currently have only one office. Based on your strategic plan, however, the 10 year organization chart indicates two new branch offices. Your talented and aggressive employees will be asking you about those future branch offices. This gives you an excellent opportunity to coach them on the skills needed to be, a branch manager.

In summary, resists the temptation to create individual job descriptions for every employee you currently have. You’re much better served to create position descriptions and if needed assign various employee is a multiple positions. When you give your employee performance evaluations of course, you will need to evaluating them based on their job description. In other words how well they performed in the positions you’ve assigned them.