How To Increase The Effectiveness Of Your Emails

You must have email communication standards in your workplace.

Sadly, email is one of the remarkably effective tools that nearly everybody uses tactically, but not strategically. The issue is that few individuals are excellent at using it, not recognizing it is one of the key communication skills. That’s not unlike a great deal of many more great tools that can be readily misused.


Far too many individuals use email (particularly email marketing) in a very forceful and unwelcome manner. There are many pointers about email use that we could dive in to, but let’s stay with the biggest area of misuse—email marketing.

Power versus force.

That email is a very powerful tool is indisputable.

  • It is a terrific way to get the same information in a large number of individuals’ hands very quickly.
  • It is fantastic in that it can be delivered virtually instantaneously.
  • It’s great in that it memorializes communications between individuals in a very sequential organized way.
  • It is excellent in the way it can explain complex material simply.

On the other hand all of those wonderful attributes can be overused.

When that’s done the very power of email morphs into a brutish unwelcome force. It’s this forcefulness that people object to.

In the world of email communications, the old axiom, “less is more” is right on the money.

How to use your email communication skills in the workplace.

Moderate the frequency of communications. Remember that your subscribers gave you their email addresses voluntarily. Make certain that you don’t violate that initial trust by flooding their inbox with unwanted frequent material. Instead, wait until you have something valuable to communicate to them. When you do, regardless of timing, send it out. You’ll find that focusing on value versus volume will go a long way for you in your marketing endeavors.

Moderate the amount of selling. Of course, most of your subscribers at one time bought something from you or are planning to so in the future. Be careful about always asking them to buy something. While there is no magical ratio between high-quality information and another sales message, something on the order of 4 to 10 is about right.

Moderate the length of the messages. Sometimes you’ll need to say quite a bit to get the information transferred to your recipient. Nonetheless, try to keep your email communications at less than 75 to 100 words. If you have something that takes quite a bit of copy to explain, just give a quick summary and provide your recipient with a link to a webpage for more information. You can supply the links information in a well formatted page or with a video.

How to use an auto-responder to send a lot of emails without looking foolish. This guy may look a little too casual, but listen to what he has to say.

You’ll probably discover that by incorporating these three steps of moderation will increase your value to your subscribers in a very monumental way. It should help you increase your email communications skills a considerable amount.

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