Five Ways To Increase Your Personal Productivity

Isn't personal productivity just another name for time management?

Productivity is a measure of the amount of output one gets for a certain level of input. So, of course considering time as an input you will get more personal productivity if you are good at managing time. But, it’s not the only technique you should be using to increase your own personal productivity.

We are going to be looking at several terrific methods as we progress through this article.

As you read each of the suggestions, make note of the ones you feel can be of the most immediate benefit to you  personally. Then, put them to use and see if you are right.

  1. Forget about being perfect. The quest for perfection is a terrific way to squander productivity. This is because perfection is not something you’re ever going to reach and the cost of the final few percentage points is very high. For example, one can purchase a very fine bicycle for less than five hundred dollars. On the other hand, you can spend many tens of thousands of dollars trying to get that perfect combination of weight and performance. Perhaps this is something a professional cyclist may want to do, but it’s not the approach you should take. Instead, make a list of things you need to do and simply get them done without worrying about how well you do. You will be delighted with the step up in productivity with that simple step.
  2. Keep track of your own performance cycle. No one functions at a high level on a continuous basis. Find out when you seem to be the most productive. This could be between three and five in the afternoon or 2 to 5 in the morning when you can not sleep. Whatever it is, keep track and try to always schedule that time to get a lot of things done.
  3. Unhook from technology. The Internet, WIFI and all the other currently available technology is terrific. However, it can be very distracting. Simply unplug and schedule some time away from this technology and see how well you work. This can be especially effective if you’re in the habit of noticing when text message arrives with its “little beep sound” or you find yourself constantly checking your e-mail to see if something “important” is in your in-basket.
  4. Adopt journaling. You are highly likely to have excellent, provocative and inspiring thoughts that will occur to you at random. Schedule some time to write in your journal or dictate into your smartphone. The best way to do this is not to necessarily have a topic in your mind, but rather write down whatever occurs to you at the moment. I find dictating into a recorder to be the most effective for me. But, you may find another technique you enjoy.
  5. Use two monitors. Regardless of how big your computer screen is, it is still limited real estate. And, there’s a more important point. When you use two separate monitors you can arrange your work in a very productive way. I use a laptop computer and have it on the side. This is where my e-mail and other types of “seldomly checked” data is. For my primary work, I use a large screen right in front of me. This technique should be able to allow you to focus totally on what is right in front of you. And, what’s right in front of you should be the most important thing you’re currently working on.

All of these ideas have one thing in common.

That is they are ways for you to control when and how you’re going to produce. This isn’t an exhaustive list of all the personal productivity tools, however you’ll find that adopting even one of them can help you increase your productivity in a very remarkable way. While you’re at it take a look at this way to increase your personal productivity.


Get started now.

Start with at least one of these ideas and see your own personal productivity skyrocket!