Know Your WHY

On June 5th to June 7th I will have the unique role of being both a workshop attendee and a guest speaker.

The workshop is the 4th Coach Certification Workshop in the last 12 months. The organization has certified over 100 coaches worldwide and many of them are coming back for the 4th time.

In attendance will be Coach Candidates seeking WHY Certification in the near future.

I am very grateful to have been one of the first group of coaches to become certified to deliver all of their many WHY based products and services.

I will be speaking each of the three days and will give the participants an overview of my Upward Growth Spiralâ„¢ Formula for building a high-performance business. The participants will learn several tools, techniques and methods they will be able to put into action immediately.

Event: Know Your WHY: Building Your Future!
Topic: Building Your Future!
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