Do You Know What is Going on in Your Business?

SWOT Analysis On Steriods

A major part of the Business Mastery System I created is the periodic use of the Clarification phase of the system.


If your goal is to continually maintain a highly effective and well oiled business operation, you’ll need to conduct periodic analyses of your environment.

Generally, the tool we’re going to be discussing can be used for the entire company, a project within the company, a department and/or even a team.

If Everything Is Stacked Against You…Now What?

Here Is Why You Should Always Play The Hand You Are Dealt

As I frequently teach in my Business Mastery System, we must constantly assess the entire situation and do our best to make sense of it, make the appropriate adjustments and improve our outcomes.


The recent economic debacle in the U.S. and around the world, coupled with the recent congressional results reminds me of the arguments I loved to have with my Economics professors at the University of Washington.

What I Learned In School

M&A Secrets Finally Exposed

How To Avoid Merger And Acquisition Pitfalls

For many years M&A transactions have been a favorite technique for growing business and creating wealth.

Crane on Barge

At the same time, many business owners are comfortable with the lifestyle their business is providing to them. A key question to ask is, “why grow”?

There are multiple reasons for this.

Secrets of Situational Analysis Demystified

The consequences of trying to make progress without making sense of your surroundings

Every human has an intense need to know. People like to know where they stand in other people’s eyes. They like to know the progress they’re making or not making towards their goals. Everyone wants to understand the consequences of every situation they are involved with. And yet, most people don’t know and suffer the consequences.

Know Your Environment

In the absence of reliable information, speculation reigns. In the absence of answers, speculation accelerates.

When they don’t know the real information, people supply their own answers. In these instances, imagination can run rampant.

This is very fertile ground for a others to take advantage by planting false information. This is particularly true in today’s environment where information is very readily obtained.

Unfortunately both politicians and the media know this and exploit this to their advantage.