How To Solve Almost Anything In 5 Steps

The 5 Whys methodology is a great problem-solving technique that anyone can employ.

Almost nothing goes according to plan. Almost everything takes a path we did not expect and… Sometimes we have to figure out what went wrong so we don’t do it again. Not many of us are going to install the full-blown Toyota Production System anytime soon. But, there is one aspect of it that has wide applicability for all of us.


The 5 Whys methodology is a great problem-solving technique that anyone can employ.

Although it’s not intended to be the end all and cure all, it is a technique I suggest you use to help solve the very next problem you face. It involves asking “why” over and over again until you get to the root of the reason the problem happened. Once you know the root cause, the solution is often much more clear.

By the way, if you have a young child nearby, you don’t really have to read this article. Just ask them why they are always asking “why” and you will know the secret.

What Is The Best Way To Handle Business Problems?

Three Steps To Solve Big Issues On Your Own

I don’t like dealing with business problems any more than anyone else. If I had my way completely, I would simply dispose of them, but that’s kind of messy. Besides not all obstacles can be extirpated. Some are best dealt with in more subtle ways using a little finesse.

Do Not Always Use The Same Approach

I think my dad told me…

“If I can’t solve a problem directly, I try to go around it, and if I can’t go around it, I try to get under it, and if I can’t get under it, I try to go over it, and if I can’t go over it, I just plow right through it.”

That’s the philosophy I like to use and here is how to do it:

Poor At Delegation? You Are Not Alone

Do you want to work less and have more time? Listen up!

You surely know that delegating work to others is a excellent and suitable way to save bunches of time, prioritize your own agenda and to concentrate on what are the “vitals” of what you should be doing. Knowing when and the way to delegate well is the secret to being successful at it.

Delegation Concept

First, what does it mean to delegate? It is when you temporarily allow another to assume an area of your own responsibility. Note, it is a temporary assignment not a permanent one.

Next, are you successful at delegating roles in your life and work? If not, what gets in the way of successful delegation?

How To Avoid Being A Lousy Business Owner

The three things any top-tier CEO absolutely must do

The rule of thumb is the higher up in the organization, the higher the compensation. That’s all well and good for most positions because you generally do what you have always been doing, but better. However, things get a little less clear at the very top. So, what exactly should you be doing if you are the CEO?


What the heck is a CEO?

Before I continue, I want to make a key point. Most business owners don’t think of themselves as the CEO. It sounds a great deal more corporate than they feel. They, and everyone else in their business agree, merely think of themselves as the founder, the owner, the boss, or simply the “chief”.

Actually, that is the way I think of myself. So, as your read the concepts below, think to yourself, “this is what I should be doing as the head of my company.”

Anyone Can Take The Helm In A Calm Sea – Dealing With A Crisis

Major turmoil brings out the worst in people and shines a spotlight on their true character.

Most countries are not booming and many of them are in a crisis, including the US. There will be many noisy meetings as government officials all over the world gnash their teeth and snarl about the economic mess in their country. And, many businesses are in crisis mode as well. The question is, what can you as a business owner do about it?

The Captain Better Know What He’s Doing

As I mention in the articles’ title, anyone can take the helm in a calm sea.

While that’s not entirely true, it is certainly much easier to lead when it is “business as usual”. That passiveness has its own issues, but that’s a topic for another day.

Few do well in the face of a crisis.

Major turmoil brings out the worst in people and shines a spotlight on their true character. You’ve seen it—typically massive random activity, frustration and worse.

Leading From The Front And Staying Safe

Learning Leadership by Playing Games

By all accounts leadership is a skill which can be learned by nearly anyone with the right aptitude. We certainly have demonstrated that to be true with in our various coaching and mentoring activities and our management training programs.

It’s also true that no one can be a highly effective manager unless they have finely honed leadership skills. However, the opposite is actually not true. One can be in extremely fine leader with no management responsibility at all. And, your business will be likely performing at a higher level if the number of leaders exceeds the number of managers.

We also believe it’s very important for leaders to be able to think prior to acting. In general, a leader is expected to understand the entire situation in order to be in a position of leading others. No one will follow a leader that does not know the terrain for very long.

Why I am in favor of leadership games.

For that reason we’re in favor of the concepts like day dreaming, meditation, regular breaks and relaxation. Gameplaying, including the online or electronic variety, can be very therapeutic and frequently helps in developing leaders.

Why You Should Stop Growing Your Top Line Revenue

Why you must always grow your revenue and how to do it.

Revenue covers up a lot of sins. Even more, top line revenue covers up a lot more sins. Now, I’m not saying you should put up with a lot of sins, errors and omissions within your business. I’m making the point that increasing revenues certainly helps make them less obvious. It means they are still there, they just don’t have as big an impact.

Business Man Fuzzy Image

The last couple of years has been a very telling time for most businesses in the US. The economic situation has generally affected every business, not just isolated ones and selected niches.

So, you need more revenue. And, you need to get it as fast as you can.

What you really need is to get yourself in front of more “hot prospects” under “favorable circumstances”.


How To Lead Like Abe Lincoln [Secrets Revealed]

Abraham Lincoln's top 10 leadership tips

No one questions the notion that Abe Lincoln was among the top three presidents. In fact, many believe he deserves to be number one. That’s extremely remarkable since it has been over 150 years since he served.

Abe Lincoln

You will find his name on everything from money to streets to buildings. So there’s considerable proof that Lincoln made a remarkably deep impression on the country’s history.

He served as president during one of the most tumultuous times in the history of the country. Over 600,000 died during the United States Civil War. Over half the country hated him during his presidency, but nearly all love him now.

We are going to see a few reasons why.

Beware The Man Who Has All The Answers

Put the art of ignorance to work for you!

The Greek philosopher Socrates was a frightening man and was put to death because of it. But, it is not what you might be thinking. He never said he had all the answers. On the contrary, he said he didn’t.


His crime was questioning the “truth” being put forth by those in power. And, encouraging his students to do the same. He threatened the power elite and was killed because of it.

How To Avoid Six Typical Business Blunders

Learn from your mistakes. Don't make them a habit.

No one can guarantee success, but you can help by avoiding some typical business blunders. Every company makes errors. The trick is to acknowledge them quickly and do your very best to make sure they aren’t repeated once more. As any kind of authentic company owner would certainly say, errors will take place, it’s really just how well you take care of them that counts.

Business Mistake

Many of the most common mistakes are in the following categories: