How To Take The First Step For Accountability

At it's core, accountability is all about delivering results as promised.

I believe in dreaming. It is a very valuable thing to do. In fact, I also believe in manifesting what you want. I also believe in the power of attraction. But, alas, there are some shortcomings with only doing this.

All results come from action.

Always be in Motion

Dreaming and manifesting will not do it. I know, it’s disappointing, but it is true.

On top of that, it seems that many people are concerned overly much about being mistake free. They become so concerned that they fail to take action instead spend an inordinate amount of time on dreaming, planning, research and calculations. No results come from any of those efforts. Note, all of them are important.

Sometimes all of our digital capabilities makes this issues even worse. It allows us to spend even more time on these “non-result producing” efforts.

At it’s core, accountability is all about delivering results as promised. Trying or even trying hard or harder will not do it.

How To Keep Your Competitive Edge

Are you first in your market? Check your professional skills.

I had a short business meeting with a prospect a few days ago and it helped remind me of how often people neglect to go back and handle their own personal and professional development.

Training is a terrific asset especially when it’s actually¬†utilized.

Numerous people acquire magnificent academic training, but for some reason they don’t appear to be applying it for their personal benefit regularly enough.

I’m reminded of a story regarding a contest.