How to Manifest a Miracle with Goal Setting

Setting and achieving goal after goal

If you’re looking for miracles to happen in your life, you’ll need to get your intensions squared away and set high quality goals first. Next, take action that will get you closer to them.

Bruce Lee Quote

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Many people are uncertain about what a really good goal is. Most often they tend to confuse wishes with goals. Many people are content to simply make a wish or two and then sit back and hope that things work out. According to Webster’s dictionary a goal is defined as, “a result towards which effort is directed” while a wish is something that’s “wanted, desired and longed for.”

If all you’re looking for are definitions, you’ve gotten what you are looking for.

Learn How to Create and Achieve Your Goals

How to develop a goal orientation that will create consistent and predicable results

Few people would ever think of taking a trip without a plan. Some of us have a navigation system in our cars or a hand-held one we can carry around. There are many manufacturers of these devices. Let’s call the one we own Gloria—mine has a feminine voice. If yours is male, you might not want to use the name Gloria so pick another.

Navigation System

Let’s think for a moment about how these machines all work.

First, they contain or can access a map of the territory. Most of their maps cover a very large area. For example, all of USA and Canada. But, the map is not the territory it’s only a representation of reality.