Are You Ignoring How Your Customer Service Can Double Revenue?

Have everyone in your organization represent your company like an owner

Most companies leave sales to the sales force and customer service to the customer service team. That is a recipe for a expensive screw up.

Everybody in your organization makes direct customer contact. Each worker, from the president and other officials to craftsmen, sales folk, accounting staff, and service crews.

Each single contact anyone in your organization has with its customers either reinforces or corrodes the organization’s entire relationship with your customers. That includes each invoice you send, each ad you run, and each telephone call you make or receive.

How well are you coaching all of your staff to cultivate your clients all of the time?

Do your people even know their actions have direct client impact? If your company is like most, your workers are busy executing their roles in the most effective way they know how. They don’t seem to be thinking about themselves as representatives of the company during customer interactions. In fact, the don’t even think of their contacts as “buyers”.

Train your team.

Make the effort to inventory all of your customer contact points, the workers in control of every one of them, and rate your general performance.

A simple and highly effective way to do this rating is to score outstanding as a 10 and grim as a 1.

Once rated, put a plan of action in place to enhance the poorer touch points and train the people involved. Any contact point you rate at a 7 or lower needs immediate attention.

Take a customers view.

A good exercise for you is to do the same with several of your key vendors. Jot down a list of all the touch points they have with your company including which of their employees interface with which of yours. Once more, rate the contact. Why?

The way your workers relate to your vendors employees is a brilliant indicator of how they are going to do with your clients.

Make everyone the boss.

One of the goals of client service coaching is to impress in all of your people’s minds the fact the company is their business as well.

Build this sense of ownership by inspiring them to see every transaction from the owner’s viewpoint.

A great side advantage of this is the increased job satisfaction they are going to get. So as to see things as the business owner does, the staff will need to be empowered to act the way that the chief would.

Think about the extra benefit this perspective will bring to the company as all workers begin to think about the company as theirs.

Your customers and clients will see it too.