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Hi, I am Bill Prater, business owner, entrepreneur, publisher, author, speaker, consultant and coach. I am best known for my long-term success in enabling business owners and leaders to quickly eliminate personal barriers, to rapidly reach their current dreams; and, to embark on a journey of business mastery.


Because of the myriad of businesses I have worked for, owned and consulted for, I have extensive experience with start-ups and mature organizations across diverse industries including, software development, online marketing, biomedical laboratories, high technology, internet, energy, retail, communications, banking and finance, distribution, manufacturing, consumer products, real estate; and, many more.

I have discovered the problems, issues, and challenges facing business owners are pretty much the same regardless of the industry.

My focus has been on enhancing profitability and business value while at the same time enabling peace of mind for the owners.

I created philosophies, training, techniques, systems, and procedures to conquer these obstacles and to capture new opportunities. All of this is contained in Scaleology®; Business Mastery System™ and related products and services.

For example, I created Business Mastery Secrets to deliver online leadership and management training and coaching programs. These online lessons range from single topical management short courses to year-long intensive programs.

My Story

Earlier in my career, I excelled in sales, sales training and sales management at IBM in its computer division.

As the national sales manager and a partner in the country’s largest oil and gas securities firm, I raised more than $750 million of equity capital in eight years. I recruited, trained and led more than one hundred sales professionals in achieving average revenue growth of 100% annually.

As a board member, consultant, coach, and trusted adviser, I have provided leadership to numerous businesses; designed strategic and tactical plans; served as interim management; and recruited senior executive staff, board members and other key personnel. I’ve structured, advised and financed corporations, joint ventures, partnerships, leveraged buyouts, acquisitions, mergers, and divestitures.

Throughout my career, I’ve been acknowledged as an accomplished entrepreneur and a strategy-based, self-driven professional who models and propels high levels of achievement in individuals and teams.

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